This popular free event was a mix of fun and learning through interactive displays, including a simulated fire, and RTA Rescue.

1518317_699677513416000_7960206926508940699_oFun and Safety was free and open to all ages. There was a reported 923 people through the doors at Uckfield fire station. Parents and carers were able to benefit from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service offering the opportunity to sign up for home safety fire checks. To keep energy levels topped up, fruit for all the children attending has been kindly donated by Waitrose.

The town’s firefighters carried out three demonstrations during the event while Fireman Sam & Welephant rescued a ‘damsel in distress’ from a lounge fire.

The Heavy Animal Rescue Unit from Crowborough made a guest appearance to display their equipment and skills while Sussex Police showed visitors around their vehicle and offered safety advice.

Sussex 4×4 Response had a good number of visitors who showed an interest in what we do and the children were also tempted by our lucky dip & also shown around some of our vehicles and equipment.

This was a hugely successful event and all at Uckfield Fire Station wished to thank those who supported it.


We were invited to the 1st Crowborough King Scout Troup last week, A number of 4×4 Response members brought their vehicles to the meeting and made them available for inspection by the scouts. A presentation was made to the Troup on the work Sussex 4×4 Response carries out by the group’s chairman, Dave Green.

Speaking after the event, Dave said “It was great to address such a young and enthusiastic audience and to give them an idea of the work we do and the value that 4×4 vehicles and volunteer drivers can give to the community in times of need.”

We were also surprisingly presented with a donation for the charity by the scouts.


Well what a nice day it was for our course on Sunday 9th march 2014

Matt our Training Officer was looking for members with the right experience to become Sussex 4×4 Response Trainers. To that end, a number of responders put themselves forward and we then run the “Train the Trainers” day, at our West Sussex site on Sunday. We were looking for members who had good experience of off road driving and vehicle recovery techniques.

Before we can expect members to commit to responding, it’s important to make sure that they are properly equipped for the wide range of circumstances that they might be called upon to handle, and that means training.

Sussex 4×4 Response is developing its own training standards to provide a recognisable level of competence held by its responders. There is a wide range of training courses available to members but at its heart is practical off road driving and vehicle recovery training which takes place at a private off-road site in West Sussex which is a former chalk pit.

Many Thanks to everyone that was involved !


s300_sign3Flooding presents a number of risks to health, drowning being the most obvious. Serious injury can be caused by falling into fast flowing water or from hidden dangers under the water, such as missing manhole covers.
The stress and strain of being flooded and cleaning up can have a notable impact on mental health and well being.

In the event of major floods, Public Health England works with local agencies, including the NHS, police, local government and Environment Agency to provide expert advice on protecting the health of the local community, particularly from microbiological and chemical hazards.

Our local health protection centres, liaising with national colleagues who specialise in environmental hazards, infectious diseases and emergency planning, can provide a focal point for health protection advice to local responders and the public. The Environment Agency has a key role in warning people about the risk of flooding, and in reducing the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea.

Message from Public Health England

Please see below the link to a new leaflet ‘How to clean up safely after a flood’ now online at Public Health England website.

So yet another storm is on the way to the South this weekend.

Untitled- Amber Warning of Wind for South East

- Amber Warning of Rain for South East

Following the heavy rain that occurred on Thursday night another band of rain, heavy at times, accompanied by coastal gales will affect southwest England during Friday evening, moving quickly east across other southern areas early on Saturday. The rain will clear the extreme southeast of England on Saturday morning, to be followed by frequent heavy and squally showers.

The public should be prepared for disruption due to flooding.

A yellow warning will remain in force through Saturday across the south on top of this to cater for further heavy showers.

Keep up to date with the latest warnings at:

 Please ensure you keep away from rising and fast flowing rivers, Drive Safe, Slow Down, Stay Safe, Stay #Floodaware  Live flood map –

Environment Agency Online flood warning services


Heavy rain and gale force winds have hit Sussex today as the Met Office extended its forecast for bad weather.

The Met Office has today upgraded the severe weather warnings for rain to AMBER for the rest of the week.

Keep up to date with the latest warnings at:

Please ensure you keep away from rising and fast flowing rivers, Drive Safe, Slow Down, Stay Safe, Stay #Floodaware  Live flood map –

Online flood warning services

What to do during an amber severe weather warning for rain

typhoon-haiyan-2-537x313There were wind speeds of 195mph and wind gusts of 235mph

Philippine officials have been overwhelmed by Haiyan, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, which tore through the central Philippines on Friday and flattened Tacloban a city the size of Wales. _71110190_philippine_typhoon_numbers_v2_624

Sussex 4×4 Response Fri Nov 15, 2013 – ERT-SAR UK is now planning to deploy to a team to the Philippines late Sunday, early Monday, They will be meeting a similar team from Canada.
We will be needed to move emergency shelters from the supplier in Devon to either Henley on Thames, ERT-SAT HQ, or direct to the airport. There will also be medical supplies to be collected from East Sussex and taken to either Henley or the airport.


Nick Taylor of Emergency Response Team – Search and Rescue UK
Was profuse in his thanks to us for the help that we gave in providing the logistics to move urgent materials in the UK prior to shipment to the Philippines.
Our part may have been small but it was vital to the team and much appreciated.


I would like to express my thanks and thanks on behalf of ERT-SAR and the people of the Philippines for your assistance with collection and delivery of the much needed medications, without your assistance at such short notice we would not have been able to deploy with these essential medical supplies which went on to treat around 7,000 people.

Best Regards
Nick Taylor
Emergency Response Team SAR UK



Sussex 4×4 Response – Prepare for Safe Winter Driving

how-to-drive-in-snow-with-dipped-headlights1Winter is the season requiring most care and preparation if you are to stay safe on the roads.

The British winter is unpredictable. Bad weather can strike suddenly, so please make sure you & your vehicle are prepared for these conditions in case the bad weather strikes in your area.

We are likely to see sub-zero temperatures at some point, which means frost and icy patches on our roads. Now is the time to give your car a once-over before winter conditions take hold. Bad weather can strike suddenly and more severely than you expect, so it’s really important to be proactive, rather than reactive.

Road Safety Advice

During extremely bad weather conditions:

  • Check the local and national weather forecasts
  • Listen to local and national radio for travel information
  • Tell someone at your destination what time you expect to arrive
  • Make sure you are equipped with warm clothes, food, boots and a torch – in snowy conditions, take a spade
  • Clear your windows and mirrors before you set out and carry a screen scraper and de-icer

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sw0905Winter Emergency Kit What to carry in your car ?

Think like a Scout or Guide this Winter and Be Prepared for bad weather as this can strike anytime follow our essential advice that could be a lifesaver.
Back in 2010, thousands of motorists found themselves stuck in their cars for up to 15 hours as snow, ice and gridlocked roads & motorways left them stranded.

article-1262468-08f17886000005dc-354_634x370The Red Cross recommends that every car on the road should have a well-stocked emergency supply kit in winter.

Always make sure you run with as much fuel in your tank as you possibly can in bad weather especially if it has snowed We know the Fuel situation for many is a sore subject at present but is essential if you were to get stranded for several hours.

  • Battery jump cables
  • First aid kit
  • Shovel
  • Basic tool kit
  • Tow rope
  • Warning triangle
  • Sleeping bags or a blanket
  • Extra winter clothing (caps, socks, mittens,boots,coat)
  • Some sealed snacks (biscuits) & drink (2 litres water)
  • Ice scraper & de-icer
  • Torch
  • High Visibility vest
  • Cellular phone, power adapter, extra charged battery
  • If your car uses a screw-in towing eye, know where it is
  • Flashing light (optional)


article-0-1BA89932000005DC-487_634x401There is a severe weather event expected  which is currently building with a severe weather warning remaining in force likely to impact most of Sussex, primarily coastal areas. High Winds up to Storm Force 12 are possible which will cause all sorts of chaos throughout Sussex, power outages, phone outages, building damage, fallen trees and flooding.

Sussex 4×4 Response are braced & ready for any call-outs that the emergency services or local councils require help with, the worst storm for a decade is expected tonight which is set to bring driving rain and winds of up to 90mph to some areas.

_57674272_windyonline1The winds are expected to leave a trail of destruction across a large swathe of Sussex, bringing down trees and causing widespread structural damage, leading to power cuts and transport chaos tomorrow morning.

Surface water floods could strike much of England as the Met Office predicts 20-40mm of rain could fall within six to nine hours overnight.

-  Furious storm will also bring heavy rain with it with potential for floods

Untitled-  Forecasters warn houses face damage, trees falling and power cuts

-  In some coastal areas in the south winds could reach gusts of up to 90mph

-  When storm hits drivers are warned against all but essential travel

-  Police have warned people to only dial 999 in a genuine emergency

-  Please do not be complacent this could be a very dangerous storm system & should be treated as such.